BONICS & NUGGET @ I.U.P. – 04/09/09

April 12, 2009 bonics

Nugget invited me to rock Indiana University of Pennsylvania with him at a place called Boomerangs. I’ve had a good number of friends go to IUP and all i’ve ever heard from the school that it is an insane party school. I’ve dj’d once before during homecoming for a fraternity party in a garage in the middle of the day and it was pretty rediculous. But a tuesday night? Yes, a tuesday night. The students at IUP party on a tuesday. 35 cent drafts plus Dj Nugget and I equal a hell of a good time. Yes, I got hammered. I got to chat with a bunch of students. And boy I feel old. But sh!t, I’m 28 years old and partying with a bunch of college kids on a Tuesday night! Mama raised a good boy. Later that night Nugget and I picked up hitchhikers. I’ve never picked up a hitchhiker ever so I was drunk enough to convince DJ Nugget. Watch the drunken mess below…

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