Bonics w/ Shwayze, Mickey Avalon, & Tabi Bonney

May 7, 2009 bonics

YO !!!! I got to hang with my man SHWAYZE and CISCO ADLER monday the 4th… They were town playing at Diesel with TABI BONNEY, MICKEY AVALON, & CHRIS YOUNG. It was cool they should us love and brought us on the bus for illlegal activities! HA… SHWAYZE let us hear some new cuts on the New Album this summer and we also got to hear up and commer CHRIS YOUNG ( <--- Dood Is ill ... We also got to meet TABI BONNEY an ill emcee from D.C. ( I didn’t get to see Shwayze perform cause I had to DJ but i did get to meet MICKEY AVALON and see im perform… ummmmmm yeah…..

Here is the SHWAYZE interviewed on my radio show…

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