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Dj Bonics guest DJ/host’s on BET 106&Park – 06/12/14

August 27, 2014 bonics

I had a great opportunity to guest Dj and host on 106 and Park this summer! Check out the clips.  I got to kick off the show, interview Chinx Drugs, and throw the #1 video! What a dream come true! Thank you BET for having me a part of the show!


Screen Shot 2014-08-27 at 2.54.19 AM


December 6, 2013 bonics

 photo WEATHERCHANNEL_zps3f18df57.jpg


My interview & video of the Pukkelpop storm during a Wiz Khalifa show in Belgium, will be airing tonight. It’s titled, Weather Caught on Camera: Extreme Elements (episode #415), and it premieres tonight, December 6th at 11pm ET on The Weather Channel (TWC). It will then re-air on 12/8 at 2p, 12/11 at 2a, and 12/13 at 12a ET.


Here is the original Video that Posted:

HERE ARE PICS I took from the Disaster:

Typhoon Haiyan Relief Fund RECAP: Raised over $15,000!

December 6, 2013 bonics

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Last night was an amazing event to raise money for the unfortunate disaster that happen in the Philippines in October.  Too see the Filipino community (and Philly) come together and raise past 15,000 for the victims of the Typhoon.  My dad who is from Tacloban, which was one of the hardest hit parts of the Philippines, made it even more heart wrenching and even that much closer to home.  On top of it I am originally from Philadelphia and was just so proud that people could unite for a cause.  There was great food, prizes, music and especially people.  I was lucky enough to Emcee the event and it was great just being among my people.  I hope to continue to build a relationship with
Philly-Pino” community at large! All proceeds from the event will be go to Gawad Kalinga, an “on the ground” Filipino organization.
Gawad Kalinga (which means to “give care” in Filipino) is a Philippine‐based poverty alleviation and nation‐building movement that will be concentrating its efforts on helping to rebuild devastated areas in the Philippines.
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DJ Bonics: Made in Pennsylvania

December 5, 2012 bonics


Been in the City Paper a few times for a few short blabs but this week the City Paper printed an article about my journey from my early days in PGH to my current state! Thanks to Rory Webb for the write up! The Links to the articles are below!

Made in Pennsylvania: Philadelphia-born DJ Bonics made his name on Pittsburgh radio before becoming Wiz Khalifa’s tour DJ:

The Call-Up: DJ Bonics recalls the decision to go on the road with Wiz:



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