Dj Mo Beats and Dj Bonics: “Brand New Funk”

June 30, 2011 bonics

So great to be meeting the dj’s I have all around the world! From Philippines, Europe, Canada, to right here in the United States I’ve been blessed to get down with some Bad (meaning good) dj’s.  I have the pleasure to tour with one of these guys.  Dj Mo Beatz, who is the DJ for Big Sean is on tour with me on the Rolling Papers World Tour.  I’ve run into great dj’s on the road and I’ve ran into some suspects.  So it’s great meeting someone younger (24) who practices the art of the scratch.  Bottom line my man kills it on the cut.  Great to have someone to practice with on tour!  Here’s some footage of us just fooling around on Dj Jazzy Jeff’s and the Prince’s “Brand New Funk”  Thank Mo Beatz follow him @djmobeatz and definitely check out his website

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