I’m On A Boat – ASA Gateway Clipper Formal – 04/03/09

April 5, 2009 bonics

Yes, The Annual ASA boat Cruise. Once the Asian Student Association and now the Asian Student Alliance. This is a tradition as far as I’m concerned in the Pitt world. Believe it or not I was at the very first Pitt ASA boat cruise even before I lived in Pitt. In fact i was still in high school. I had a couple friends who went to Pitt at the time. Just to see it come so far made me feel proud. In fact Fri probably was the 6 or so time djing that particular event. And almost the irony of me not djing at the time in ’98 and being able to rock the boat 10 years later to me is amazing. There are obviously a few differences from then and now. Number 1, I’m older. Number 2, the numbers weren’t as overwhelming as I remembered them in the past. But I’m glad to have been apart of the event. Here’s what hasn’t changed though. And I dont mean to burst any bubbles, people’s ignorance to something like this. When telling poeple I’m doing an Asian Students Party I get alot of crazy reactions! Like – “Really people really go to that?” – Or if I ask anyone to go with me they’ll be like = “Am I gonna be the only Non-Asian on the boat?” – What’s wrong with you people? mmm…. i could really go on a tear but… I’ll stop here. Just remember sometimes the best thing for someone is to be uncomfortable. Why? Cause you learn and adapt. Alright enough of the lessons.

Hand’s down ASA parties were the shit during my name at Pitt. They had the best music (House and Hip-Hop). Best diverse crowd’s. And people loved to dance.
And still today it keep’s going. Still diverse. People still dancing (drunk or not). And the people are still beautiful. I’m happy that these students are proud of their heritage. I’m proud that “Non-Asians” still come and have the best time. Thank you ASA for having me.
And yes I played i’m on a boat.

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