December 30, 2011 bonics

This could be the best to date… He don’t want none of my moves tho..

Beirut Day1 x Armin Van Buurin

December 30, 2011 bonics


Wow! Let me just tell you this, I did no research before coming to Lebanon.  Yes I had some ideas about the country but I didn’t realize how amazing it is.  And I’ve only been here for a few hours. The trip was long.  Getting through customs was short. And it finally came time to see what this city was all about.  I will admit I, along with some of my friends from home had some pretty stereotypical ideas of Lebanon.  But most or if not all were all just ignorant assumptions about what was revealed to me as a beautiful country.  Not so long after landing we ate at a place called Abd El Wahab. Me Mo Beatz and the promoters (now friends) of the NYE party took us to eat some of the yummy Lebanese food. Tabouli, hummous, skewers, Arak (Labanese alcohol), and apple tobacco filled hookah! Yuummmmm…  After the eats we went to check out the world famous trance DJ Armin Van Buuren.  Amazing seeing 10,000 or more people gathering in the name of music.  Especially a country with a war torn history like Lebanon.  What I come to realize that Beirut is a place of LIFE.  The Lebanese are amazing and beautiful people. Check out the pics!  I got a video of Armin’s introduction in a few.


  • Meeting Hadid and Walid.  These guys will run the Lebanese nightlife seen very soon.
  • Watching Armin in the VVIP… Yes.. the Very Very Important People… lol
  • Seeing a church and a mosque right across the street from each other.
  • 9 out of ten woman are HOT.  9 out of ten have a nose job (half true.)
  • Hearing Muslim Prayer in the Morning.
  • I’ve never seen as many Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s in my life.
  • Meeting Ms. Lebanon and her telling me that she saw Wiz and I perform in London.

Big shout to Mix and Absolut for having me and Mo Beatz as guests.








My new friends Hadid & Walid!


Mrs. Lebanon.  No Nose Job.


The Absolut Ambassador of Lebanon


Me and Armin (We really aren’t friends tho.)



Bonics x Mo Beatz x Beirut x NYE

December 30, 2011 bonics


I am currently at Heathrow International Airport in London.

I’ve taken a well needed break from the Blog.  My apologies to all my friends who have been waiting for some fun stuff!  2012 is gonna be a year filled with more surprises and fun.  I can’t wait to take you all on the journey with me! In celebration of another new year, me and the homie DJ Mo Beatz (Big Sean’s) are headed to the Middle East to throw down  for New Years Eve! We are going to play at Starz – Intercontinental Mazaar right outside Beirut, Lebanon!  I haven’t even researched the country or anything!  Just going blindly!  So wish us luck! Say a prayer!  and hope for the best!  We will see you next year!  For some Reason this Gunplay song is playing in my head! hahaha…



December 16, 2011 bonics

So in very recent history 2 new things have come to the music game.  Both have made a great impact in many ways but also are still under the radar and have much room for mainstream success.  And I guess it’s coincidence that they both begin with the letter M.  

Moombahton is a genre of electronic dance music which was created by Baltimore’s Dave Nada could simply explained as pitched down Dutch house.  But it’s popularity has opened it up to many different interpretations.  

Mac Miller is a19 year old emcee from the city I live in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. His buzz has grown all year and is ending with a high note with over 144,000 copies sold of his debut album “Blue Slide Park.” 

So what do these things really have in common?  Nothing except for the fact that I thought it would be neat flip his latest single “Party on FIfth” into a Moombahton flavored remix.  After just a few hours of building a basic Moombahton remix I decided to call my Canadian brethren, Freshest DJ, and all round nice guy DJ Marvel to add the bells and whistles to give it that extra love. 

We have a video, the Mp3, and instrumental for your sight and sound pleasures.

Thanks to Dave Nada, Mac Miller, & DJ Marvel for making this all come together by accident.


December 12, 2011 bonics

I had an amazing time at Karmaloop when I went to visit their office not to long ago.  Peep the interview and CLICK HERE to see my adventure at Karmaloop.

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