Dj Bonics X Dj Chris Villa – Cut Up In the Southwest

June 21, 2012 bonics


Wow! Love going around the country and getting up with Dj’s.  I met Chris Villa over a year ago when I was in Arizona for 101.5′s Valley Caliente summer concert!  Chris VIlla who is a mixer for the station was playing before us and I was completely impressed! We stayed in contact over twitter and while I was in Arizona recently we got up and got down at the 101.5 studios.  My dood is a beast! I watched this video about 100 times before I put it up just to take’s some notes. The track is Mac Miller “She Said”

I must say I love this aspect of djing!  There is always room to learn new stuff and improve!  Love meeting young guys like Chris!  Let’s me know that their are Dj’s that are still enthusiastic about turntablism.  Thank you Chris and Hot 101.5 for having me!

You can find more videos of me and dj’s around the world cutting it up on my You Tube Channel!

Check out more videos of Chris Villa and download his dope mixes at and follow him on twitter @djchrisvilla

Also thanks to my guys Marc Matyko for filming!

DOWNLOAD – Dj Bonics Live on Wired 3 hours!

June 18, 2012 bonics

Wired Wit Bonics June 16, 2012

To answer my own insecurity about putting stuff out (lol) here is my live mix that from my mixshow over the weekend on Wired 96.5 Philly!  It’s all mixed live.  No editing, raw dog… Put it in your ipod and pass it along! 3 hours of Radio Goodness!


I’m in the Trib Bitch!

June 13, 2012 bonics


Thanks to Kate Benz for the neat little write up!  Sometimes I’m like “This isn’t real!”  When I bought the hard copies of the article I was stopped by the employees that worked their and they said “hey aren’t you Bonics!”  Those are the moments I love.  Connecting with the people…


Or pick up a copy today!


MTV Movie Awards!

June 9, 2012 bonics


Oh Boy!  Last Sunday we performed at the MTV Movie Awards!  What a great night and great performance.  It was neat to be in the the presence of all these celebs.  Some of them acting legends!  What an experience to watch and perform at the Movie Awards!  Such a truly unique experience!  We got so much love from the performance!  Some say it was the highlight of the whole awards show!  Thanks MTV and everyone for their support.  Here are a few flicks and make sure you check out the performance!

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