BONICS – D DOUBLE – Digital Dave @ ZEN – 03/31/09

March 31, 2009 bonics

This past monday I got a chance to rock Zen with PGH mainstay Digital Dave and from Las Vegas / Chicago DJ D Double. D Double is an O.G. Or should I say O.D.J. <----Funny?> He’s been in the game for over 20 years. He’s a Violator All Star DJ and can be heard on Sirius Radio 40 Hip Hop Nation. D Double is a head ya’ll. He knows his music and crushed it at Zen. I’m looking forward to rock with DD again. Respect to film maker Robert and Vince who slid through the burgh with DD. HAIL THE DJ!
Here’s His MySpace:

Hail to Pirmanti’s!

Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl For Kid’s Sake – 03/29/09

March 30, 2009 bonics

Today I got to participate in Annual Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl For Kid’s Sake @ Fun Fest in Hamar, PA. This fundraiser feature teams of Bowler who are sponsored and raise money for BBBS organization. I got to host the event today and help people get excited for the bowling event. I love being apart of events like this that directly help the people of the PGh area. Thank you to Stacey and everyone for having 96.1 kiss involved with this years events.

More info:

N*E*R*D* FORMULA 412 @ PITT – 03/28/09

March 30, 2009 bonics

Yes indeedy! N*E*R*D tore it up at Pitt this past weekend. And i got to throw on a set before Formula 412, Pharrell and the Gang take the stage!!! I’ll be honest it was a little difficult because the Pitt – Villanova game was on. I was just as interested in the game on the big screen rather than DJ’n at the time. Sadly to say though, Pitt lose in the final seconds of the second half! BOO!

Formula 412 definitely kicked it. N*E*R*D* definitely rocked the Fitzgerald Field House. They were able to take the somber mood due to Pitt’s lose and turn it into a crazy college ho down!
Thank You to the Pitt Program Council. Props to Tom and the Gang.





March 29, 2009 bonics

So we were one of those lucky cities that got to have Miss Britney Spears perform. Okay, okay, I know that she is not the quintessential musical icon. She has not changed the face of music. But you can’t deny the fact that she is a pop novelty. We all know her business. We all knows she’s nuts. And we all remember when she came out looking all sexy in a school girl uniform. Some how she is still relevant. It’s Britney Bitch.

Here is an article in POST-GAZETTE that I was interviewed for. I must say i was in good company

I also got to meet the The Pussycat Dolls and did an interview with Nicole Scherzinger. I should be posting that interview soon.
Here is a link to the old interview

They were cool of course. I really like Nicole. She has remembered me every time I’ve met her. I’d like to say we have a connection… lol. It’s really hard to feel that way sometimes when meeting celebrities. Sometimes i feel like celebrities just write you off like “You’re just like everyone else.” You got to appreciate when celebrities treat you like a normal person. It’s probably because I treat them the same. I can’t wait to post the interview.

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March 29, 2009 bonics

Alright well I apologize for the tardiness… I had a pretty busy past couple days. So hopefully I can keep us up to date with all the fun stuff I get to do… This is the point right? To at least share this with you and if not i can at least look back and everything and appreciate what i’ve done.

For those of you who don’t know what a remote is its when a company hires a radio station to help promote their business. I’ve been endorsing cellular phones for Cricket Communications for a few years now. THANK YOU TO CRICKET FOR MAKING THE FEW YEARS GREAT. Well on this particular remote I got to hang out at the Cricket Store in Monroeville, Pa. We were promoting the new 29.99 CRICKET EZ phone. The thing I like best about these remotes is that really get to meet some of the listeners of our radio station. Being coup up in the studios all the time, I sometimes i forget the amount of people that are listening. So being able to interact our listeners is the best. That’s what I love most about this job. This is why I do this. To leave an impression on the world, it starts at one person at a time!!!

-Here’s a few pics from the remote-

SHINEDOWN @ Mr. Smalls 03/25/09

March 25, 2009 bonics

Well Well… The event the made me think of “blogging” everyday experiences of myself was sparked at a rock show… I like all types of music so at first when I was invited to SHINEDOWN I’ll be honest I wasn’t super excited. But after getting their and kicking it with the band. I realized how other people would flip out at the opportunity and so I’m home now writing about it. Not much to be said I was definitely out of my element and maybe not too big into to new metal/hard rock. But chatting on the tour bus with the lead singer Brent Smith was a very humbling experience. This guy plays for thousands of people all over the world and I do my thing in PGH and there we were two different world crossing paths. I didn’t need to know anything about him and vise versa to understand that these are the moment in life that are unexpected. It’s great that 2 people on their journey to make their mark in the world could come together for a simple moment like tonight . Thanks Brent…

First Post…

March 25, 2009 bonics

Well so we all have social networks: Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Blah Blah Blah… But nothing ever really feels like it’s your own… So then I added a Blogspot to this mess and have sat on it for a few months now… So today I decided that i should just simply jot down a few words and post a pic of everything I do. It may be something simple like a gas station remote for the radio station or maybe a big time concert. I think I just let thing pass me by but don’t realize that even in on it’s simpliest level I should walk away from every experience with something. So i guess this is my attempt to record any little interesting thing i’ve been apart of…. Good Luck Bonics!!!!

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