Album Review Party for Borgore’s Latest Album #NEWGOREORDER

June 4, 2014 bonics

There are few albums that could open up with a manifesto that cover topics such as political corruption, fake producers, and the line of all lines “a world as perfect as Kate Upton’s breasts.” But one of electronic music’s most polarizing artists, Borgore, wouldn’t be caught dead putting anything else out. The well known Hollywood partier previewed his brand new album #NEWGOREORDER on Dim Mak Records last night in New York City at Pacha Nightclub, and took some time to talk about his upcoming tour and appearances. 



WIRED FEST 2014 Recap

June 2, 2014 bonics

#WIREDFEST2014 came and went with a bang from the moment it started. With a sold-out crowd of over 8000 people, the entire event was electric. As said:

On a totally made-over Festival Pier (see below) Wired Fest gave the sellout audience light-boxes and pop/house/heavy sounds. It was sensory overload – and a big hit, judging from the pleased faces and sand-dancing efforts. Harris, a star in the electro-dance firmament since 2000, didn’t break big until 2012’s platinum-plus 18 Months. Most of his set was from that album: It was a beat-banging mix of pings and boings between pop smashes like “Sweet Nothing” and “I Need Your Love.”

Check out some of the pictures below, and make sure to follow @DjBonics for all of his concert updates (Check back soon for Summer Jam pictures!)

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Catch the OFFICIAL WiredFest 2014 Afterparty Tomorrow at LIT Ultrabar

May 29, 2014 bonics

Tomorrow, Philly is going to be invaded by thousands of people clamoring to go to the sold out #WIREDFEST2014 show at Festival Pier in Philadelphia, PA. Iggy Azalea, Calvin Harris, Dj Vice, Diplo, G-Eazy and more will be performing, and it’s all hosted by the lovely Rita Ora!

Afterwards, you can catch Bonics opening up for Victor Niglio (As heard at major music festivals and clubs across the country)! Radio Buster will be joining the party, and doors open up IMMEDIATELY after Wired Fest ends! Come party tomorrow night!


PowerHouse 2014

May 19, 2014 bonics

 photo IMG_8717_zpsf06289fc.jpg

Went to perform with Wiz for one of the biggest Hip Hop Stations in the country LA’s Power 106 FM


It was a star studded performance – IamSu – Sage the Gemini – Trey Songz – Childish Gambino – Nicki Minaj – School Boy Q – Wiz Khalifa – YG and Dj Mustard! Always a good time to play for something as iconic as Power 106! The highlight for me that night was performing “Ain’t No Fun” and Rap Legends Korupt and Warren G. came through to help make the night memorable! I use to blast that song! And here I am years later performing it with them! Crazy! Here are a few pics I snapped during the show!


 photo IMG_8715_zps3bde4ba1.jpg


 photo IMG_8749_zps74acde4a.jpg
Warren G, Wiz, and Korupt!

 photo IMG_8745_zpsae08d3b9.jpg


 photo IMG_8753_zps61ddab8d.jpg

 photo IMG_8728_zpsf07fdf59.jpg

Juicy J and Wiz!

 photo IMG_8732_zps7f9adb70.jpg

The lovely Nicki Minaj


 photo IMG_8734_zpsa810922e.jpg

 photo IMG_8740_zps1093c53a.jpg

 photo IMG_8723_zpsb1146e3b.jpg

 photo IMG_8726_zpsed4c3af6.jpg


 photo IMG_8718_zps695cff1f.jpg



Hangout Festival 2014 – May 16, 2014

May 19, 2014 bonics

 photo IMG_8670_zpsc58485cc.jpg

Whoa! Huge festival by the Beach! What a party! We were introduced on stage By Sway and Wiz’s wife Amber! Alabama had amazing energy! It reminded me of why I do this! Enjoy the Pics!

 photo IMG_8698_zpsa3dbc32e.jpg

 photo IMG_8684_zps8746d6fd.jpg


 photo IMG_8703_zps6bdd2079.jpg

With the homie Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino

 photo IMG_8688_zps3afd46eb.jpg


 photo IMG_8685_zpsa6a988d3.jpg

Amber Rose and MTV’s Sway!

 photo IMG_8692_zps2a57543c.jpg

The lovely @ijustine

 photo IMG_8695_zps0cdbb5ca.jpg

VH1 – Showing love!


 photo IMG_8672_zps20a535e6.jpg

Relax before the show!

 photo IMG_8673_zps678ea576.jpg

Right by the beach!

 photo IMG_8678_zps413ff009.jpg

 photo IMG_8674_zpsd156a43d.jpg


 photo IMG_8679_zps2d6325fd.jpg

 photo IMG_8682_zps20ce7ae0.jpg

2 Days in Taiwan

March 31, 2014 bonics

 photo IMG_7733_zps87aaa34a.jpg


I took a few days to travel to South East Asia! I got invited to play at Hive Club in Taipei, Taiwan. I’ve never been there before so I took the opportunity and spent 2 days in Taiwan and as always did a little sight seeing and party rocking! Taiwan is a great place. What I love about Taiwan is that they are really proud to be from Taiwan. And they don’t necessarily always identify with there neighbor China. I noticed a pride in things that were made in Taiwan despite the fact that China, who makes everything under the sun. I guess it makes sense that you would want to celebrate that. Apparently that weekend there was to be a huge protest. The young Taiwanese including college students were protesting the government who was trying to make it easier for China to come to Taiwan and open factories. Pretty Dope. I was definitely impressed with the the city of Taipei. It was clean and very spacious. Seemed to be a very safe place. Taiwan has a very Hi-Tech industry and it shows. The first day of the trip I got to check out Taipei 101 which was THE tallest, but know second tallest in the WORLD. It also has one of THE fastest elevators in the world. The view from atop is breath taking. It’s amazing to see just another part of the world from that view. Makes me realize that I’m just a small part of these very big planet!

Later that night I got to rock at Hive club in Taiwan with (CLE/MIAMI’s) Dj Efeezy (@djefeezy). The night was dope and Taiwan was ready to party!

The next day I was headed to the Philippines but I got to spend mot of the day checking out some great historic places including Chiang Kai Shek Memorial Hall and Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall.  I also got to check out apart of town where shopping is amazing!  I didn’t quite catch the name of the place but it was amazing!

Thanks to Eric, Junior and Adrian for bringin me out to Taipei. It’s another check mark on the bucket list, a stamp on the passport, and to think MUSIC brought me here!

 photo IMG_7713_zps03e2b524.jpg

 photo IMG_7654_zpsb2bf3f02.jpg

 photo IMG_7653_zpsbd746888.jpg


 photo IMG_7719_zps83d43a6e.jpg


 photo IMG_7693_zpsdad4fa5c.jpg

 photo IMG_7700_zpsb5b38d49.jpg

 photo IMG_7682_zpseccafa41.jpg

 photo IMG_7681_zps58f2d214.jpg

 photo IMG_7708_zpsd2a79aa0.jpg


 photo IMG_7787_zps92680fa7.jpg

 photo IMG_7788_zps1634bbe3.jpg

 photo IMG_7766_zpsf6caba3e.jpg

 photo IMG_7762_zps3c31498a.jpg

 photo IMG_7750_zps5b0995f7.jpg

 photo IMG_7748_zpsb9391399.jpg


 photo IMG_7732_zps5ac5f099.jpg


 photo IMG_7770_zps3245687a.jpg

 photo IMG_7780_zpse0b4f4da.jpg

 photo IMG_7789_zps6c242ae9.jpg



 photo IMG_7824_zps1ea9a376.jpg

 photo IMG_7822_zps3b88ff80.jpg

 photo IMG_7790_zpsf42ae108.jpg

 photo IMG_7791_zps54c38f9b.jpg


 photo IMG_7794_zps9f731b6e.jpg

 photo IMG_7795_zps50963167.jpg

 photo IMG_7851_zpsa77ba270.jpg


 photo IMG_7849_zps3ef28f14.jpg

 photo IMG_7840_zpse2f4ee5c.jpg


99 More pics from SXSW from DJ Bonics with the TAYLOR GANG

March 20, 2014 bonics

 photo photo31_zpsd80ec162.jpg

So it’s only been a week since SXSW but if I don’t post these pics this week they become a relic in the digital age! So here are 99 pics from our show at #FADERFORT, a show with #jmblya party with Steve Aoki , and the world famous Illmore Party! It was pretty insane and bonkers and I’ll be honest with you, a little too insane these days for me. lol. But to rock the stage with Steve Aoki? Bonkers. To do The Fader Fort again performing before Damon Alburn? Nuts. To share the stage with Skrillex at Illmore party dope! Enjoy the pics! And thanks Austin for being classy! #sxsw #TGOD


99 More pics from SXSW from DJ Bonics with the TAYLOR GANG – CLICK HERE –

99 More pics from SXSW from DJ Bonics with the TAYLOR GANG – CLICK HERE –

99 More pics from SXSW from DJ Bonics with the TAYLOR GANG – CLICK HERE –


JMBLYA at Austin Music Hall – Thursday March 13th

 photo photo30_zps8d052b90.jpg
 photo IMG_7057_zpsfb2f1c27.jpg

Party Time

 photo IMG_7078_zps364a5e83.jpg

Go Wiz

 photo IMG_7067_zpsdda3b3fb.jpg

Me and Trinidad James!

 photo IMG_7069_zps87737c3d.jpg


 photo IMG_7042_zpsa69169b4.jpg

Steve Aoki!

Fader Fort with Converse – March 14th


 photo IMG_7157_zps9b4102ae.jpg


 photo IMG_7161_zps01b3e177.jpg


 photo IMG_7154_zps6447ca34.jpg

WIz and Young Thug

 photo IMG_7171_zps19b5174b.jpg

Berner Going in !

 photo IMG_7230_zps83f55b63.jpg


 photo IMG_7202_zps2fae2bda.jpg

Turn Up!

 photo IMG_7217_zps8e1b8acd.jpg



ILLMORE Party – March 14th


 photo IMG_7263_zpsa0ee2157.jpg



 photo IMG_7285_zpseca29c08.jpg


 photo IMG_7292_zps74abb6fc.jpg


Bonics with Amber Rose at #SXSW 2014

March 13, 2014 bonics

I’m hosting my Philadelphia radio show on WIred 96.5 from Austin, Texas for the SXSW. WIz rented a house and Dj Bonics (who is staying there) had a chance to talk to Amber about Their son, her next moves, and SXSW!

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