March 13, 2014 bonics

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Day one was a world wind. I arrived in to Austin in the late afternoon to a quiet house full of Taylors. This year Wiz rented a house for the gang to have shelter during the crazy SXSW days. It’s great to get together with the guys and take on such an important music festival. We have to let them know that the Taylor Gang is here. And they can smell it. lol. We did a Taylor gang showcase where Courntney Noelle, Tuki Carter, Chevy Woods, Berner, and Ty Dolla showed there stuff for the Taylor debut in Austin Texas. After we headed to meet up with Uncle Snoop at the Respect the West Showcase hosted by Dj SKee and the Cashmere Agency. I got to see Vince Staples, YG, Audio Push and More at the show!








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TY $ Sign!


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Dj Genesis and Tuki Carter

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Ty performing Paranoid”

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The Philly Homie Chill Moody!

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WIZ and Snoop!







Dj Bonics at the Penguins VS. Capitals Rivalry Night!

March 7, 2014 bonics

Wow… Then Penguins brought me back to the burgh to b e the FIRST ever DJ to play at a Penguins Game! What an amazing feeling and so rewarding to know all the work that I have done in Pittsburgh id recognize by the PITTSBURGH PENGUINS! Whoa! Thanks to Frank Paladino who shot and edited the film! Also special thanks to Uncle Ray, Bamboo, Mark Madden, Mikey and Big Bob, Katie O’Malley, Girl Talk, BIlly Wareham, Ross, and the rest of the Penguins organization!

Rick Ross #mastermind Album Listening party in Miami

February 24, 2014 bonics

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Spent the weekend in Miami! Had a private gig with Wiz on Saturday! So i decided to stay an extra night to check out Rick Ross’ album listening party for his new album coming out #mastermind!  Pretty exciting stuff.  And there was definitely some VIP in the building including Ross himself! The album sounds amazing! Some of my favs were “Rich is Gangsta,” “War Ready,” and “No Body.”  He pretty much has the same flow throughout the whole album but the production is that same aggressive Ross sound.  A lot of cool soul sampled trap shit too!   After  good wait sippin’ on Ciroc and Belaire Rose in my #mastermind double cup Dj Khaled brought Rick Ross on stage who had very few words and just basically introduced #mastermind!  Pre-Order on Itunes at

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Party on Lincoln, Miami Florida!

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Me at Power 96’s KC Chopz!

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Waiting… Sipping!

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Dj Khaled on stage with some random girls who didn’t do anything!

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Me and Ross’ official DJ Sam Sneaker!

Jay-Z In Philadelphia “Magna Carta World Tour”

January 30, 2014 bonics


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Another amazing performance from Jay-Z.  I walked in there thinking “what is he gonna do differently from the last few times I saw him.” But man, He blew me away! He is one of the best live hip hop performers I’ve seen.  And it’s just he personality that shines on stage.  He had Timbaland apart of his band and only brought one guest which was MEEK MILL and of course he put on for his city!  Jay knows what he’s doing.  He’s a vet and had everyone under his spell.  Salute to Jay!!! Here’s good recap of the show from

Here is Jay-Z performing his verse on “Drunk In Love”

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“Strength in Numbers” hit ITUNES

January 28, 2014 bonics

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What an amazing group of artist first of all. All talented from around the world. Music and Art transcend race but thats why this album is so great! Musically I love the diversity of the project but to tie it all together with all Asian American Artist. Growing up as a Filipino American I never got to see main stream Asian Americans doing music. Watching TV and listening to the radio growing up I never felt like there was an emphasis on being Asian American in the music especially Hip Hop. When I went to college I discovered it was happening by groups such as the Mountain Brothers, P.A.C.I.F.I.C.S., and I was Born with 2 Tongues. I also had found out that there were tons of bad ass Filipino and Asian DJ’s. I knew because of pioneers like them that I too could be part of this Hip Hop culture. 15 years later I have found myself traveling around the world with one of the biggest rappers in the game and at the same time do radio every night in Philadelphia. When Chops asked me to be apart of this it was a no brainer. Support this album. It more than music. It’s passion is action.


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Sidney Day 3 – Wiz at Enmore Theater!

January 19, 2014 bonics

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After spending the morning at the Taronga Zoo I headed back to downtown Sidney to meet up with Wiz at his first in store at Culture Kings! Culture Kings is a Urban Lifestyle store around Australia! IT’s definitely through got a lot of dope brands! They got hats, shoes, clothes, accessories and even got a barber show right in the store! The fans were nuts! Hundreds of kids lined up to get a pic with the Wizzle man! Later that night we had a performance at Enmore theater!
It was nuts! Our first club show “down under” was a success! ENjoy the pics! After that we hit the after party at Marquee!

CHECK OUT OVER 100 pics here!!!!

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Wiz Khalifa addresses crowd for first time “Down Under.”

January 19, 2014 bonics


We recently did our first Australian and New Zealand tour.  I took this dope video of our first performance “Down Under” at the Rhythm and Vine festival.  He addresses the crowd and introduced the band and myself.


Dj Bonics on LA’s POWER 106 FM

January 17, 2014 bonics

I got an awesome opportunity to do a #JUMPOFFMIX for the famous Power 106 LA. It aired the first weekend of 2014 on January 4,5,& 6. As a radio enthusiast and a mixer in Philadelphia ad Pittsburgh it was a complete honor to be able to rock on the legendary Power! Enjoy!!

Dj Bonics “Back to the Party intro”
Sage the Gemini – “Gas Pedal” (Salva Remix) / (Caked Up Remix)
NIcki Minaj – “Stupid Hoe” (Short)
Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj – “Love More” / (Mastamonk Twerk Edit)
Ty Dolla $ign – “Paranoid” Bonics Blend
Eric Bellinger – “I Don’t Want Her”
Kriss Kross – “Jump” (Jekey Twerk Remix)
Walt Wiggady – “Nasty Ol’ Wiggle” (Dizz daKidd/Kenji)
Major Lazer – “Bubble Butt”
G-Buck – “#TWURNT”
Soulja Boy – “Donk (Corrupted Data Twerk Remix)”
Young Jeezy – “Act Right (Bonics Blend):
Raven Felix – Girl
MIke WIll Made it ft. Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa – “23”
Juicy J ft. Trey SOngz and Wiz Khalifa – “Bounce it Rhythm Remix”
Drake – “Versace” (Trayze Remix)
Dj Class – “Tear Da Club Up” + Future – “Sh–” Jumbotronics Blend
Major Lazer – “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Tomorrowland Remix
A.S.A.P. Ferg ft Shabba Ranks – “Shabba Ranks Remix”
Sean Paul ft Konshens – “Want Dem All”

Pt 2.
YG – “My Hitta”
Jay 305 ft Wiz Khalifa – “Youzza Flip Remix”
Jay-Z – “Tom Ford” (Dj Cable Edit)
Justin Bieber ft Chance the Rapper – “Confidence”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- “White Walls” Bonics Percolater Blend
Que – O.G. Bobby Johnson
Martin Garrix – “Animals” Tall Boys Twerk Remix
School Boy Q – Man Of The Year
GTA feat. DJ Funk – Booty Bounce (Mister Gray Moombahton Remix)
Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown – Show Me + Robin S. Show Me Love (Morrison Remix) Bonics Blend

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