Sidney Day 3 – Wiz at Enmore Theater!

January 19, 2014 bonics

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After spending the morning at the Taronga Zoo I headed back to downtown Sidney to meet up with Wiz at his first in store at Culture Kings! Culture Kings is a Urban Lifestyle store around Australia! IT’s definitely through got a lot of dope brands! They got hats, shoes, clothes, accessories and even got a barber show right in the store! The fans were nuts! Hundreds of kids lined up to get a pic with the Wizzle man! Later that night we had a performance at Enmore theater!
It was nuts! Our first club show “down under” was a success! ENjoy the pics! After that we hit the after party at Marquee!

CHECK OUT OVER 100 pics here!!!!

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Wiz Khalifa addresses crowd for first time “Down Under.”

January 19, 2014 bonics


We recently did our first Australian and New Zealand tour.  I took this dope video of our first performance “Down Under” at the Rhythm and Vine festival.  He addresses the crowd and introduced the band and myself.


Dj Bonics on LA’s POWER 106 FM

January 17, 2014 bonics

I got an awesome opportunity to do a #JUMPOFFMIX for the famous Power 106 LA. It aired the first weekend of 2014 on January 4,5,& 6. As a radio enthusiast and a mixer in Philadelphia ad Pittsburgh it was a complete honor to be able to rock on the legendary Power! Enjoy!!

Dj Bonics “Back to the Party intro”
Sage the Gemini – “Gas Pedal” (Salva Remix) / (Caked Up Remix)
NIcki Minaj – “Stupid Hoe” (Short)
Chris Brown ft Nicki Minaj – “Love More” / (Mastamonk Twerk Edit)
Ty Dolla $ign – “Paranoid” Bonics Blend
Eric Bellinger – “I Don’t Want Her”
Kriss Kross – “Jump” (Jekey Twerk Remix)
Walt Wiggady – “Nasty Ol’ Wiggle” (Dizz daKidd/Kenji)
Major Lazer – “Bubble Butt”
G-Buck – “#TWURNT”
Soulja Boy – “Donk (Corrupted Data Twerk Remix)”
Young Jeezy – “Act Right (Bonics Blend):
Raven Felix – Girl
MIke WIll Made it ft. Miley Cyrus and Wiz Khalifa – “23”
Juicy J ft. Trey SOngz and Wiz Khalifa – “Bounce it Rhythm Remix”
Drake – “Versace” (Trayze Remix)
Dj Class – “Tear Da Club Up” + Future – “Sh–” Jumbotronics Blend
Major Lazer – “Watch Out For This (Bumaye)” Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Tomorrowland Remix
A.S.A.P. Ferg ft Shabba Ranks – “Shabba Ranks Remix”
Sean Paul ft Konshens – “Want Dem All”

Pt 2.
YG – “My Hitta”
Jay 305 ft Wiz Khalifa – “Youzza Flip Remix”
Jay-Z – “Tom Ford” (Dj Cable Edit)
Justin Bieber ft Chance the Rapper – “Confidence”
Macklemore & Ryan Lewis- “White Walls” Bonics Percolater Blend
Que – O.G. Bobby Johnson
Martin Garrix – “Animals” Tall Boys Twerk Remix
School Boy Q – Man Of The Year
GTA feat. DJ Funk – Booty Bounce (Mister Gray Moombahton Remix)
Kid Ink ft. Chris Brown – Show Me + Robin S. Show Me Love (Morrison Remix) Bonics Blend

Taronga Zoo, Sydney Australia!

January 4, 2014 bonics

 photo 1425960Z-TCKED6A140103D5TC40031425960ZPT_zpsefebb686.jpg

Before our second show in Sydney I got to check out the Taronga Zoo! I wanted to see some Kangaroos and Koala bears! The zoo was amazing! I ended spending over 3 hours in the Zoo taking it all in, seeing the amazing animals all over the world! It was an amazing experience! It was so great seeing animals indigenous to the area like a kangaroo and Tasmanian devil! I got to do a close encounter with some Koala bears. Usually Koalas just sleep and the Zoo keepers were surprised that they were pretty active when I was around. A friend told me once that they thought my “Spirit Animal” is a Koala so I guess I was pretty excited to see one unclose and personal! lol An amazing experience to be among God’s creations. It’s just nice to take time out of the hectic schedule and be among suck wonderful animals! ENJOY ALL THE PICS! I wish i could tell you the name of ALL the animals but you’ll know most!


 photo IMG_8088_zpscd93386e.jpg

 photo IMG_8100_zpsd7b23a07.jpg

 photo IMG_8137_zpsc10fd03e.jpg


 photo IMG_8143_zpscf2efa2d.jpg


 photo IMG_8165_zps285d1746.jpg

Tasmanian Devil!

 photo IMG_8202_zps7d1bf505.jpg


 photo IMG_8213_zps47eef65e.jpg

 photo IMG_8228_zpsdc6c3a11.jpg

 photo IMG_8233_zpsbd1158b2.jpg

Otters! Can you spot them!

 photo IMG_8317_zps9b63f4ed.jpg

 photo IMG_8301_zps62a04901.jpg

 photo IMG_8291_zps55751d7d.jpg

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 photo IMG_8407_zpscfbd10f1.jpgv

 photo IMG_8412_zpsbc788c44.jpg

 photo IMG_8416_zps09122c81.jpg

 photo 1425968Z-TCKED6A140103Y5TC40031425968ZUX_zps7d3d1026.jpg

 photo 1425963Z-TCKED6A140103X5TC40031425963ZBE_zpsdebb4469.jpg


 photo 1425965Z-TCKED6A140103L5TC40031425965ZJM_zps032dd1d1.jpg



Field Day – New Years Day with Wiz and ASAP

January 2, 2014 bonics


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So after a crazy NYE in Perth Australia we took a flight at 5:30am to Sydney, Australia to perform at the Field Day 2014 with ASAP ROCKY.  This again is our first time in Australia making it our first time in Sydney.  I soon discovered how much of a beautiful city it was!   I didn’t get to see much of the city that day because we had a show to prepare for! The crowd was crazy and ASAP definitely shit it down making it a hard act to follow! But of course Khalifa never disappoints and we gave the Australians a day to remember!  The show was nuts! Skrillex, Flux Pavilion, and the ASAP fam all watched us shut it down in Sydney!  Big shout out to my cousin Heidi from the Philippines who lives in Sydney! Her and her cousin got to see her big cousin perform in front of thousands!  What a day Sydney! Thank you!


 photo IMG_7458_zps6c541adf.jpg

My Cousin Heidi and her husband Rex!

 photo IMG_7463_zpsec78c4df.jpg

 photo IMG_7472_zps13369e7f.jpg

 photo IMG_7521_zps8a2e8d37.jpg


 photo IMG_7498_zps8a4dd9ef.jpg

 photo IMG_7483_zpsf45d3623.jpg

 photo IMG_7486_zps0ff5e755.jpg

 photo IMG_7566_zps7a7b2d81.jpg

Flux Pavilion!

 photo IMG_7540_zps0bc21ced.jpg

 photo IMG_7529_zps52618688.jpg



NYE in Perth, Australia w/ Wiz + ASAP

December 31, 2013 bonics

 photo IMG_7826_zps4d494f79.jpg

NYE snuck up on me this year! Got to celebrate 13 hours ahead of you guys in the states! We got to bring in 2014 at the Origin Festival on the West side of Australia with ASAP ROCKY! What a NYE to remember enjoy the pics! Look out of this crazy video of a guy who climbed and fell of the trust of the stage!


 photo IMG_7643_zpsbabaa87a.jpg

 photo IMG_7651_zps19a89ea8.jpg


 photo IMG_7661_zps52286e86.jpg

 photo IMG_7682_zpsee79466e.jpg

 photo IMG_7684_zps7e171b87.jpg

 photo IMG_7703_zpsd79b353d.jpg

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 photo IMG_7766_zpsba726b52.jpg

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1st Show Down Under – Rhythm and VIne – Gisborne, NZ

December 31, 2013 bonics

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Got to play our first show “Down Under’ and the pictures speak for itself. It was the Rhythm and Vine Festival located in the middle of what I would call middle earth.. lol Imagine being as far away from home as possible and performing for a first time in a New Country. Gisborne was incredible! Thank you New Zealand!

CLICK HERE FOR FULL PHOTO GALLERY OF “1st Show Down Under – Rhythm and VIne – Gisborne, NZ”

 photo IMG_7092_zpsa9731915.jpg

We out!

 photo IMG_7111_zpsc0f36826.jpg

Headed to Perth!

 photo IMG_7129_zps8be6e554.jpg

Thanks to my dood Matt for catching these pics from the air!!

 photo IMG_7131_zps29f71b5a.jpg


 photo IMG_7141_zps3867fdbb.jpg

 photo IMG_7144_zps072d8651.jpg

Jonny Goood profiling!

 photo IMG_7150_zps4aed6445.jpg

Our behind the scene guys! #family

 photo IMG_7162_zpsb1f7f72b.jpg

GO head WIz!


 photo IMG_7245_zps19e1eaf9.jpg

 photo IMG_7284_zps65a2e9af.jpg

 photo IMG_7304_zps10d10ab1.jpg

 photo IMG_7390_zps9fcdea19.jpg

 photo IMG_7400_zpsd66134d6.jpg

 photo IMG_7485_zps49dd8ef7.jpg

 photo IMG_7444_zps743dffa9.jpg

 photo IMG_7519_zps3096b53b.jpg


 photo IMG_7532_zpse892c177.jpg

 photo IMG_7599_zpse8849af2.jpg

 photo IMG_7621_zps2bc4c3bd.jpg


CLICK HERE FOR FULL PHOTO GALLERY OF “1st Show Down Under – Rhythm and VIne – Gisborne, NZ”

DAY 1:Exploring Auckland, New Zealand

December 29, 2013 bonics

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So pretty much I knew nothing about New Zealand except for that it is near Australia, They filmed “Lord of the Rings” here, Lorde the girl who sings “Royals” is from here and I believe the bungee jumping was invented here too! We arrived in Auckland New Zealand fairly early in the morning. Took some time to get through customs and then we headed to our hotel in downtown Auckland. As usual I was eager to explore but I had to make sure I recorded my radio shows back in the U.S. I got to meet up with some fans of Wiz.Thanks to Shannon Roberts and friends. They took me around downtown Auckland and of course it started in the supposed “tallest building in the S. hemisphere” the “Sky Tower” We also got to check out “Mission Bay.” Looking out at mission bay you get a pretty magnificent view of a in active Volcano! Everything is kinda perfect out here. it’s clean, safe, and the people are pretty nice! I honestly would come and hide from the law here if it had to go down… lol.. Enjoy the pics. Man what a wonderful world…


 photo bang_zps64b5eadf.jpg
 photo IMG_7304_zps959cabdb.jpg

Skytower from the bottom!

 photo IMG_7299_zps648533f5.jpg


 photo IMG_7288_zps327451d7.jpgFrom atop of the Sky Tower!

 photo IMG_7273_zps5514b11f.jpg

Street Selfie!

 photo IMG_7257_zps1f55b0b0.jpg

Dope Record Store!

 photo IMG_7259_zps6b6094ac.jpg

 photo IMG_6971_zpscb0de3c4.jpg

Just looks unreal!

 photo IMG_6942_zps67d35b91.jpg Bay Life!

 photo IMG_6908_zps1f8f93ae.jpg

 photo IMG_6896_zps491a2282.jpg

 photo IMG_6845_zpsaf3b2543.jpg


 photo IMG_6816_zpsfbbe597b.jpg

Jonny Goood!

 photo IMG_6820_zps0f1a911d.jpg


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