Wiz Khallifa – Charlotte & Asheville, NC – PICS

June 17, 2010 bonics

Wiz and the Taylor Gang shut it down in NC !

Amos’ Southend – Charlotte, NC

Yo this show was ridiculous!  A packed house and everything Taylored in the building.  It’s so crazy to see something that started in PGH take off.

Me & Yelawolf

Orange Peel, Asheville SC

This show was a SELLOUT and the crowd came to get down.  I’ve heard alot of great things about this Orange Peel venue.  Heard it’s legendary.  This crowd was definitely one of the dopest on the tour.  Yelawolf set this sh!t off! (video to come)

Wiz Killing it!

Heard this guy kicks it!

Chevy Woods!






June 17, 2010 bonics

Charlotte, NC

We got to spend a few days in Charlotte!  A beautiful city.  Never spent time in the South and its beautiful! And  hot!

Got to hook up with DJ COMPLETE from NC

Complete is definitely a upcoming DJ doing big thangs in NC. – Check out djcomplete.com

That building behind him is an area called the MUSIC Factory.  They got bars, concert venues, and clubs!  The building behind him houses a bunch of studios that local musicians and DJ rehearse, record, etc.  Seems like Charlotte definitely supports its local musician.  Dope Sh!t to see!

I got to check out some local clothing spots

Flava Factor – www.flavafactory.com

Niche – www.thenichemarket.com

Black Sheep Skate Shop – www.blacksheepnc.com

Of course while in the south DJ Complete took me to  Charlotte;s Famous

Price’s Chicken Coop! www.priceschickencoop.com

Must say that Southern Fried Chicken is bonkers!

AND the Sweet Tea oooohhhhhweeeeee!

Big Shout out to Dj D-Rock and Supa Skip showing love!!!!

Stay tuned for pics from the show!!!

Bonics rocks with WIZ KHALIFA on Deal Or No Deal Tour!

June 15, 2010 bonics

This summer is getting off to a good start with an opportunity to rock with Wiz Khalifa on the final leg of the Deal or No Deal Tour!

It has been a great experience so far! I’ve have performed in Clubs, Bars, Arenas, and all sorts of environments. But on tour Wiz an artist have definitely has taken it to another level.  On The Tour with us is Yelawolf!  Tour life… What can I say I’m with Wiz.  And Wiz is doing it.  The fans are reppin’ Taylor Gang!  These fans wanna know about PGH life!   And this is just the beginning!  Look out for more!

Any Questions email me at bonics@gmail.com

So far we have performed in 3 different cities.


The Majestic – Detroit Mi – With Big Sean

Got to kick it with Big Sean and see what Detroit was all about! They Showed love for sure! SOLD OUT!

Norfolk, VA – The Norva – Double Show!

First Double Show! Both sold out.  Both shows were nuts!!! They love WIZ.  It must be said that the Staff of the NORVA kicked ass.  And the dressing room was G!  Hot tub and someone brought us Pina Colada papes!

Charlotte, NC – Greene Street

Dope Show YO!!! and the crowd ranges! Black – White, Young Old!  Real Music heads and groupie ass girlllzzz!!! hahahah

Wiz Khalifa at Rhyme Sayers Sound Set Festival – Shakopee, Minnesota

June 9, 2010 bonics

Got to rock with Wiz Khalifa at the Rhyme Sayers Sound Set Festival in Shakopee, MN.  It was my first official show as WIZ’s dj.  I knew I needed to get through the first one to get all the butterflies out.  I must say WIZ – DESTROYED it.  Cats were yelling Taylor Gang during the performance before Wiz.  The crowd of 20,000 erupted when Wiz got on stage. They were singing, screaming, and hanging on to every word out of Wiz.

What a line up!

Atmosphere, Method Man & Redman, Brother Ali, Hieroglyphics featuring Del The Funky Homosapien, Souls of Mischief, Casual and Pep Love, P.O.S, Murs, Freeway & Jake One, Eyedea & Abilities, Wiz Khalifa, Cage, DJ Rob Swift, Grieves & Budo, 45 King, People Under The Stairs, BK One, DJ Revolution, Dessa, Yelawolf, Fashawn, Themselves, Busdriver, Toki Wright, Solillaquists of Sound, Prof with Rahzwell, Cecil Otter, Dark Time Sunshine, Ernest Rhodes, A.R.M (M.anifest & Krukid), Mike Dreams, I.B.E, Ice Rod, Plain Ole Bill, Mike 2600, Kid Cut Up, DJ Pratt and DJ Anton. Hosted by Peter Parker, Kevin Beacham and DJ Snuggles.

Plus a Skate Park.  A B-boy/B-girl tent and 20,000 crazy ass fans!

Bonics and the Downtown Pittsburgh Block Party

October 21, 2009 bonics

bonics downtown block party

It’s been a few weeks already but definitely new it was worth posting still. On october 2nd I got to be apart of the 1st ever Downtown Neighborhood Block Party. It was a pretty rad event. I have lived in PGH for 10 years and never witnessed a downtown Block Party like this.

PGH has had a big year and a block party seems a good way to celebrate this. With the help of local sponsors the Downtown PGH Partnership in association with Nakturnal PR the Neighborhood Block Party was a success. Food, Dancing, Drinks. Downtown Pittsburgh was alive.


Gotta give it up to the event. It was official. and again I am proud of my city

shout out to Nakturnal PR


bonics downtown block party

bonics downtown block party

bonics downtown block party

bonics downtown block party

Bonics checks out Bridge Day – West Virginia

October 21, 2009 bonics


Dude… I always wanted to jump out of a plane. I was very close over the summer but things didn’t work out. (or i chickened out?) Red Bull asked me to join them for the once a year event in West Virginia called BRIDGE DAY. They shut down half of the New River Gorge Bridge for people to Base Jump of!! WOW.. It’s a pretty ridiculous feat i must say. People all over the world, professionals and amateurs get to jump off the Longest Arch Bridge in the Western Hemisphere. I also got to rub elbows with the RED BULL AIR FORCE TEAM and i watched them perform a pretty impressive feat off the Bridge!!! This event is only 31/2 hrs away from the burgh. I didn’t even know it existed and I’m glad I got to experience something like this. It really was a “living for the moment event.”

Here’s more info on Bridge DAY !!!



Click Here For More Photos

Click Here For More Photos

Thanks to Red Bull!!!

bonics red bul

BONICS interviews Esmee Denters

October 21, 2009 bonics


Back on The Grind….

Well it’s been a while since I posted anything up due to some personal situations… So I apologize for my hiatus… I have a lot of things to post from the past 2 weeks. So even though some of this stuff might be older at least I can still give you my perspective on these events.
A few weeks a go a got to interview an up and coming artist by the name of ESMEE DENTERS. She is currently signed on JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE’S record label. SHe is from the Netherlands and was totally discovered from covering songs on you tube. WOW….
It’s great getting to meet an artist who is new. I remember meeting Rihanna a few months before she blew up. It blows my mind to see a person go from small time to big time. Check out the interview and in studio performance from when she was here…

DJ Fashen in PGH

October 5, 2009 bonics

bonics fashen

My dood DJ Fashen made a DJ appearance at WHIM in station square. He’s one of my faves in the game. A true MASTER at the art of DJing / Turntablism / Mixing.

I got to capture the first 5 minutes of DJ Fashen’s set at the grand opening weekend of WHIM. This was Fashen’s second guess spot at WHIM. Me and DJ Nugget got to rock it with Fashen and as you can see he delivers with a definitely hype intro. Listen to those DROPS… HEAVY!!!

For More on FASHEN peep —-> http://www.myspace.com/djfashen

October 4, 2009 bonics


I’m not going to pretend to you guys that I’ve been a hockey fan my whole life. I don’t dislike the sport but i was just more exposed to basketball growing up. I think Charles Barkley is the best athlete of all time!!! I did however love to play the EA Sports Hockey Games growing up. I think this is where most of my Hockey knowledge comes from. I still do not know what icing is. Good thing you can turn it off in video games. I also have been to a few games when i was in high school.

Living in PGH has definitely change my view on the sport. I appreciate what hockey means to PGH. Mario Lemuiex and friends in the early 90’s brought the Stanley Cup to PIttsburgh and last year i was able to experience a great playoff and Stanley Cup adventure. Watching Sid, Malkin, and Fluery is so exhilarating, especially in person.
I was lucky enough to attend some games including the Playoffs. I watched the Final in Vegas from my hotel bar and found myself glued to the TV while the others around me enjoyed being in Vegas more. The Penguins season just made it a great summer in PGH. (Not to mention the Steelers Super bowl win earlier this year) It’s great to see a city come to life for a sports team.

Whether or not you have an interest in the game, it’s hard not to feel electricity of the PEN’S. But the excitement being able to SEE THE STANLEY CUP… wow. I think it would be cool to see the Stanley Cup regardless of who the current bearers are. But being able to see and touch the Stanley Cup…
-after your city’s team win’s it last season
-on center ice of the Mellon Arena
-on the day of the season opener

Makes it a little sweeter.

Then Pen’s asked me last week to DJ outside of Gate 3 of the Mellon Arena to help kick off the season with host’s Mikey and Big Bob from the Kiss Morning Freak Show. Despite the weather the fan’s were out to watch the game on the Trib Total Media Big Screen..
The video below was this past friday. This is the first time i’ve every gotten this close to see The Stanley Cup. I understand that I am very lucky to have this experience. There’s people out there who are HOCKEY NUTS and will never get to meet the Stanley. People work their whole life to win this thing. Their life dedicated. The Penguins and their fans deserve this. I am humbled.

Thank you to the Pen Organization for the love…

Click Here For BONICS’ Stanley / Opening Night PICS
Click Here for FREAKSHOW Opening Night PICS

bonics stanley

bonics stanley

bonics stanley

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