Hello Kitty is not an Asian Stereo Type… It’s real…

December 31, 2010 bonics

-Layover in Taiwan-


Happy New Year from Taipei! Got a 2 hour layover in Taiwan… figured I’d share with ya’ll out there… I completely missed NYE. I just took an 18 hour flight from Newark, NJ. Layover in Alaska (I regret not buying the salmon jerky) and now I’m wandering the halls of the Taiwanese International Airport. I took my first international dump. Yay… BTW Hello Kitty is not an Asian Stereo type… It’s real.. Here are a few shots of the airport. More to come from the Philippines… Glad I can share with you! COMMENT!!!


Can’t get anymore Asian than Hello Kitty and a peace sign…


It’s a Hello Kitty World and we are just living in it…


Yes, Hello Kitty Lounge…


Champagne and Asian planes…


The Phalaenopsis flowers of Taiwan…

Bonics’ Top 10 of 2010 – Number 1

December 30, 2010 bonics

#1 – The Heart Attack


Yes, sorry to disappoint anyone but what could be bigger for me this year then the damn heart attack that I had a few weeks ago.  It was a complete game changer.  It really opened my eyes to what’s important in life.  My whole out look has changed  Looking back on it it was a small price to pay for a changed guy.  I live better, eat better, and just appreciate the all small things. I’m not gonna get sappy here but just keep it real.  Heart Disease is the number one killer of men and woman in the U.S.  Get checked out to avoid problems in the future.  Know your numbers (BMI, Cholesterol, Blood Pressure), Quit smoking cigs, Diet, & Exercise. Had to throw that in there.

The heart attacked changed everything.  I’m just happy to be here.  Happy to be doing what I love.  And thankful for all of you out there who support me! Have to mention that this whole incident even spawned me to start an official foundation.  “Bonics Heart Beats Foundation” is in it’s infant stages so look out for big things net year!  Again, on new years day I will be walking off a plane in the Philippines.  What a way to start the new year!  Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for some Philippine fun on the blog.  Thanks for peeping my best of 2010 list.  If you thought it was a good year.

You ain’t seen nothing yet!

-Much love and Happy New Year!




Bonics’ Top 10 of 2010 Pt. 3

December 30, 2010 bonics




This is something that may never happen again!  Let’s hope it will many times but it happening once!  On November 13th WIZ, the Gang and I got to to rock the Best Buy Theater, once known as the Nokio Theater in Times Square, NYC.  To my surprise not only did Wiz Khalifa’s name soar in bright lights but mine as wel. I got to rock a 30 minute before Big K.R.I.T. on the “Waken Baken” tour making me me official tour support.  Looking my name, in lights, in time square is a dream full-filled.  Not bad Bonics, not bad…

#3 – Redbull Thre3style


Wow.  One of the biggest events that ever happened in my DJ Career.  For the first time ever in the United States Redbull held the Thre3style competition.  What is it exactly?  Dj’s compete in 15 minute party rocking battle sets and the only stipulation is that you rock 3 different genres of music.  You would be judged on creativity, crowd response, stage presence, and originality.  When I heard they were having a the battle in PGH, I knew I had to do it.  I never been so nervous to DJ in my life.  Dj Jazzy Jeff was a judge in this semi-final and that meant I had to get busy.  Going up against 7 other peers in your city is not an easy task.  Also people expecting you to win is more than butterflies.  I won the PGH battle, which really held my place into PGH DJ infamy.  I was chosen as the best party rocker of PGH.

On October 8th, while on tour with WIZ, I detoured in Denver Colorado to compete in Thre3style National Championship!  I was up against the country’s best for party rocking infamy.  Without much time to prepare because of tour.  I did not perform up to PAR.  But just being there was an honor.  What a feeling to perform with DJ’s all around the country.  We were the first class and that is something to brag about.  Big shout out to Redbull, Danny Vogel, all the Pittsburgh DJ’s and my new friends I met in Colorado!


#2 – Wiz Khalifa “Waken Baken Tour”


Leaving your full time job to full fill dreams its not any easy task.  I would say for most people it is hard to leave security.  I was at  WKST 96.1 Kiss Pittsburgh for 7 years.  For the last couple leading up to the decision I was the afternoon drive host, Music/imaging director, and mixer.  I had a pretty good salary (for radio). I also had health benefits and the whole 9.  Some even thought that I was crazy to leave the security that I had to leave for something that’s future is unknown.  When Wiz Khalifa’s camp ask me to tour with them on the upcoming “Rock The Bells” and “Waken Baken” tours I knew it was time to move on.  It wasn’t a hard decision to make.  Rather it was a hard decision to accept.  I knew that I had the opportunity and I couldn’t pass it by.  Security Vs. Unknown.  No one told me that Wiz was eventually going to have one of the most successful tours of 2010.  Nobody told me that he would come out with a single that would eventually go platinum.  To me, choosing the unknown is living.  What is life without spontaneity and surprises?  We played in over toured 56 shows in 28 states in U.S. and even Canada.  To be able to rock on stage in every major city in North America and in between is indescribable.  I am truly lucky to be apart of something like this… And this is only the beginning –  Thank you WIZ, WILL, BENJY, THE TAYLOR GANG, and all the fans….

-Dishonorable Mention-

30th Birthday Party

w/Angelina from the Jersey Shore


Ha Ha!  I don’t know what is worse turning 30? or Angelina from the Jersey Shore!  HA! I had an awesome party at Mc Fadden’s  in the North Shore.  Celebrating 30 is crazy! Sounds old but only as old as you make it!  I’ve been bless to have a great career so far/  I’m blessed to have the best family and friends!  It was an epic party and our surprise guest from the Jersey Shore, although hated by many, partied hard with your boy.  My man Wiz even stopped by and showed love.  For those people out there who may feel like there old it’s never too late to make life interesting.  Turning 30 yrs old this year only ads to the crazy year it has been.  Thank you to Jamal and Angelina for making it a memorable birthday!!!

Bonics’ Top 10 of 2010 Pt. 2

December 29, 2010 bonics

If you missed my first post about my top 10 of 2010 click here.  Today I’m going to continue on with #7, #6, #5, and of course an honorable mention! All these events have shaped 2010 to be the most memorable year yet!

#7 – Hanging with the Dogg


How couldn’t this be a top 10 moment? Ya dig?  Hanging with Snoop is for sure a bucket-lister,  even if you ain’t a hip-hop fan.  Snoop is an icon for the rap game and just about anyone would take that opportunity.  About a week ago the gang got to go kick it with Snoop Dogg out in L.A.  The first night we met Snoop it was like he known us for a long time.  Him and Wiz filmed a video for Snoop’s album.  The song is entitled “This Weed is Mine.” Watching Snoop and Wiz interact was like they been uncle and “neffew” for years!  They got some exciting things plan for next year.  I’m talking about straight fire.  But that’s all I can say about that!


#6 Performing on B.E.T. 106 & Park


Just one week since I had the heart attack I was lucky enough not to miss Wiz Khalifa’s TV debut on 106 & Park.  Some people thought it was too soon to go back to work.  But this is what I do! This is what I love.  This is what my passion is.  Nothing is gonna stop me! It was an amazing day just to reunite with the gang and needless to say it felt great to be back! To be on a show like 106 and Park and to perform is just an amazing accomplishment!  And I just glad to be there…


Here is the performance


#5 Opening up for Jay-Z’s Blue Print 3 Tour


Apparently Jay-Z wanted a local Dj in each market to open up for his Blueprint 3 Tour.  The tour consisted of Jay, Young Jeezy and Trey Songz.   This of course was an opportunity of a lifetime.  To be chosen as the opener for the show really made me feel like I was making my mark in Pgh and my DJ career as a whole.  Not many Hip-Hop shows like this come to the burgh so be able to rock the crowd and get them warmed up was just a phenomenal sensation. The crowd showed me love and even Young Guru, Rocafella Engineer, A&R, & Producer, told me that I was playing the hot shit.  F*ck… What a night!


-Honorable Mention-

-Opening for Kid Cudi-


Every year the Pitt program council at the University of Pittsburgh has an amazing Hip-Hop show.  The past years have included N*E*R*D*, Nas, and Lupe Fiasco.  This year PPC brought in Kid Cudi.  Kid Cudi has become international known especially as an “alternative” Hip-Hop artist.  Just seeing the fans that night spit every word was amazing!  Being apart of this event surely was rediculoid… Thanks Tom Misuraca and Kid Cudi

Wiz Khalifa @ Ram’s Head Live! Baltimore!!!

December 29, 2010 bonics


Last 2 nights have been amazing in Baltimore! We sold out 2 shows back to back at Ram’s Head Live in the Inner Harbor. Truthfully I had some great pics of the first night but my punk ass erase them by accident so I have a few shots from the second night! The Gang is really hitting a groove and I am glad that I am close to 100% being on stage. Its crazy that our range of fans are do diverse. Seriously there was a crowd of young chicks spittin’ all the classic Khalifa joints the first night. The most memorable part of the second night was when the crowd actually booed after Black and Yellow when Wiz pulled out the Terrible Towel! But it was all in good fun! Khalifa said “I’m not a sports player.” “This shit is about the music!” and the crowd erupted all screaming Taylor Gang a few moments later. Below are some videos posted by some fan’s!!!



Bonics Top 10 of 2010

December 28, 2010 bonics


Probably for the first time ever in 8 years I will not be Deejay-ing a new years event!  And probably the first time in 30 years I won’t be at some sort of party!  I will be on a plane to the homeland!  I will be going to the Philippines as the ball drops to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday.  Hopefully we will be celebrating NYE in every time zone as we fly west to reach our destination.

SO I decided in celebration of the New Year I would countdown my 10 top favorite moments of 2010.  I’m talking bucket-list sort of things.  It was a CRAZY year for to say the least and I would like to share with you these incredible moments in my life!  So today you’ll get #10,#9, and #8 and I will continue through the week until I take off! I also will have some honorable mentions moments as well! But the top 10 it is… LET’S GO!

#10 – Opening for Large Professor


Man! What a great way to start a list!  For those of you who don’t know who Large Professor is he’s one of the greatest hip-hop producers of all time!  He produced songs and remixes for some of the greatest Hip-Hop albums! I’m mean where do you start! He produced cuts like, “Halftime”, “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” from Nas’ album Illmatic.  He also was apart of the group Main Source which released the Album “Breaking Atoms” which had the classic “Looking Out the Front Door.”  Just to be on the bill with this dude is a feat.  To be able to share the stage with Hip Hop Legend is something to brag about!  Thanks to 720 Records and DJ Selecta!

#9 – Heinz Field Jumbo Tron


Alright this is a no brain-er!  Who wouldn’t want to be on the big screen in a stadium! This is especially dope with a team like the Pittsburgh Steelers.  This are the things in life that, simply put, make you smile! Thank to Mike Marchinsky for the look.

#8 Dj’ing for the Pittsburgh Penguins


Not only did I DJ for every home game of the Stanley Cup Playoffs last year I got to DJ inside the Mellon Arena for the very last ice skate before they tore it up.  As most of you know the Penguins have a new home at the Consol Energy Center, so to be able to play some tunes through the actual sound system of the Legendary Mellon Arena before it’s gone is event to be noted!  I mean Mario Lemieux played there.  Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5 dawn the stage.  And Pink Floyd performed “Dark Side of the Moon” with the roof open.  F*ck Yeah!


Cuts on Mac Miller’s Mixtape K.I.D.S.


Oh yeah! 18 yr.old Pittsburgher Mac Miller turn heads this year with his Rostrum Record’s Debut Mixtape “K.I.D.S.”  It’s has been downloaded over A HALF A MILLION times and to be apart if the tape was an HONOR.  I did the cuts on the Mad Flava Heavy Flow Interlude and to think the hundreds and thousands of mugs riding to this sh*t makes me smile! Peep it Below!

Download The K.I.D.S Mixtape here: http://www.datpiff.com/Rostrum_Records_Most_Dope_Mac_Miller_KIDS.m143884.html

Friends with Benefits

December 27, 2010 bonics



I wanted to wait a few days to recap what possibly was one of the greatest events I have been a part of.  For many years I have been lucky to take part in many charity events, galas, auctions, etc.  But this time this benefit was FOR me which makes it a feeling that is very indescribable.  Last Wednesday a few close friends of mine put together the I Heart Bonics Benefit. Most of you know that I had a a heart attack a few weeks ago and a life changing event it was.  Looking back on it now it was a small price to pay for a changed man.  My outlook on life is incredible.  In many ways I have slowed down or stopped and smelled the flowers.  However I know now that I have even a bigger job in life.  Not just being and instrument behind the turntables but and instrument to spread knowledge of heart disease and just LOVE overall.  I may sound like a hippie, but its true.  I know it deep down.


What happen on Wed at SBAR could have not been gone any better.  My close DJ pals Nugget, Strobe, and Zimmie had decided very quickly after the attack to throw me an event in which would assist me in my medical bills.  I have just recently received 2/3 bills (EMT, cardiologist, and St. Clair Hospital)  and already it has totaled close to 10,000.


Although the main goal of the night was to raise money.  It was the least important thing that I pulled away from it.  First of all, I was glad that I was able to say something about heart disease.  I knew that many people there may not be aware of how much heart disease kills.  Its the major killer of men and woman in the United States.  For more info on how you can prevent heart disease check out www.Heart.org/MyLifeCheck


But the biggest thing of the night was to see how much support I have.  People from college, work, and complete strangers all stopped by to support my cause.  I felt love.  Someone had said that night that it was easy to support me.  They said that I’ve done so much for them and to give to me was not even in question.  People got my back and it is something that I cannot put into words.  To see people come together for me is this light is by far better than any DJ gig that I have ever done.  I would like to thank each and everyone for sharing something from their heart too.


I also shared something very special that night.  I announced the start of my newly founded organization “BONICS HEART BEATS FOUNDATION.”  Simply put it will be an organization to help spread heart disease awareness and also assist people in medical bills who like me have no health insurance.  We are currently registering this with the state.  When it’s official I will be sure to share with you our mission and what we have in store for 2011! Thanks to Katie Maillis for logo.

I would like to thank all the businesses and people who had donated their product and services for our auctions.  With your help and people’s on site and Online Donations we were able to raise over $5,000!

This is truly the meaning of love.  I would like to shout out Sbar,  all the PGH DJ’s who got my f*cking back, Kate Gittings, Jamie Dougherty, the nurses of St. Clair, Dr. Zuzek my cardiologist, and GOD.




Here’s a list of auction donors for the event!

Red Bull

Vitamin Water

Acrylick Clothing


Laura Petrilla Photography

OneUp Skate Shop

Undefeated x Puma


Firehouse Lounge


Pittsburgh Steelers

Forum Snowboards

96.1 Kiss FM

Wiz Khalifa

Hines Ward

Ben Lovejoy of the Pittsburgh Penguins

Pittsburgh Penguins

Shop 412

Late Show with David Letterman

Stage AE

Time Bomb Shop

The Pittsburgh Steelers Organization

Gretchen Perucci

Full Tilt Remix DJ Service

Joy Taylor Studios

Hyatt on North Shore


Spa (Munhall)

Club Erotica

Nine on Nine


A once in a lifetime shot…

December 23, 2010 bonics


On the big screen at Hines Field

Got a chance to check out the last Steeler home game of the ’10 regular season. I put the music together for the Steelers for their warm-ups before the game and I got a chance to experience that first hand. Seeing the players right there on the field and hearing the joints I mixed together was just too unreal. Feel very lucky to have a role like that with an organization like the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Thank you Mike M., Rick G., and Michelle R.



With Mikey (@fsmikey) from the 96.1 Kiss Morning Freak Show

Post-Gazette Article by Scott Mervis

December 21, 2010 bonics

Despite heart trouble DJ Bonics has barely missed a beat

Monday, December 20, 2010
By Scott Mervis, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Music director for a Clear Channel station is a solid gig with benefits. But this summer Brandon “DJ Bonics” Glova got one of those chance-of-a-lifetime offers: to become a part of the Taylor Gang and work the turntables for rising Pittsburgh rap star Wiz Khalifa.

He alerted Kiss-FM (96.1) that he wanted to go part time and then hit the road for a sabbatical and a gangbuster 56-city Waken Baken tour that was sold-out everywhere.

“It was not an easy decision,” he says of the job change. “I basically gave up my radio career as I knew it. Some people would kill to be a music director and afternoon talent in a top 25 market. With that I knew that losing my health insurance would be risky. The whole decision was risky. There was no guarantee that Wiz Khalifa would be successful. But if you risk big the return can be big.”
Brandon “DJ Bonics” Glova

“In seven years,” says the 30-year-old DJ, “I barely ever used the health insurance anyway, so I figured it would be OK.”

Back in Pittsburgh, two weeks after the tour, on Thursday, Dec. 2 at 2 a.m. he awoke with a burning pain in his chest.

“I felt like my shoulders were on fire,” he says.

He thought maybe it was related to doing shoulder presses the day before, or that maybe he was coming down with the flu, or that maybe it was an anxiety attack. He hoped, anyway.

As he writes in his compelling blog, he paced the floor all night watching ESPN and “Home Alone,” rubbing his body with Vicks VapoRub. The shortness of breath was disturbing. He took a Percocet and managed to fall back to sleep but only for an hour. He actually Tweeted, “feeling like hell.”

That Thursday afternoon, the pain persisting, his car in the shop, he told a friend, “Take me to the clinic. Something is wrong.” He was thinking clinic, because hospital would be too expensive. When he got there, he could barely breathe. They took X-rays and an electrocardiogram, which discovered irregular heart activity. The next thing he knew he was in an ambulance on the way to St. Clair Hospital, where a doctor informed him that he was having a heart attack.

“In less than one hour of getting to the hospital,” he writes, “I was signing waivers for a heart procedure” to unblock a fully clogged artery.

The surgery was a success and after three days in the hospital, Bonics was up and around and back on Twitter, getting well wishes from his friends and fans. One week after the heart attack, he was on the way to New York City to reunite with Khalifa and the Taylor Gang for a live performance on BET’s “106 & Park.” He’s been “Taylored” ever since, including the two sold-out shows at Stage AE last week and a video shoot with Snoop Dogg in LA over the weekend.

Having survived the experience, the Philadelphia-born DJ, who came here to attend the University of Pittsburgh in 1998, is committed to staying healthy and avoiding fried foods. He’s also facing a mountain of medical expenses.

On Wednesday, his DJ friends Nugget, Strobe and Zimmie are throwing the “I Heart Bonics Benefit” from 7 to 11 p.m. at the S Bar, 1713 E. Carson St., South Side. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the American Heart Association and St. Clair Hospital. Cover is $5 up to whatever you would like to donate. For more details or to donate, go to www.djbonics.com.
Scott Mervis: smervis@post-gazette.com or 412-263-2576. On Twitter: @scottmervis_pg.

First published on December 20, 2010 at 2:00 pm

Read more: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10354/1112225-388.stm#ixzz18lqlytGO


December 13, 2010 bonics

I can say that I have the best friends in the world. A lot of them happen to be Dj’s as well. So with everything that has happened with my health a few of my DJ buddies decided to throw me a benefit to help with my medical expenses. I don’t always like the attention but I was told by DJ Nugget (@djnugget) that I need to accept the fact that they want to help me. I told them I would only allow it if i can give a good portion of the proceeds to St. Clair Hospital and The American Heart Association. So they are throwing the “I Heart Bonics Benefit” on the 22 of December from 7pm-11pm at Sbar in the southside.

As far as medical bills are concerned I am in the process of getting assistance and still figuring out what exactly I’ll need to owe. I definitely have doctors appointments lined up and of course I’ll be talking medication for a long time. 🙁 And as we know its not cheap. But I will be very open with the process ahead.

If at least I would love to see all your faces come to S Bar on the 22nd. It would just feel great to have everyone around and feel the love. This is what Christmas is truly about the friends and the family. As far as donating it’s up to you guys! Just know that I will definitely give a good chunk the organizations above because it is very important to me.

Their will be some very cool items to be raffled off and I’m sure some banging DJ’s all night! I’ll even get on the mic and give you guys a little “heart” felt speech. What is important is that I can start raising awareness for us young people about health and the heart. Below is the link to Donate. Any amount well help the cause.

A very special thank you to Dj’s Nugget, Strobe, Zimmie, Petey C and Sbar!

Very Sincerely,

Brandon “Dj Bonics” Glova

DONATE HERE —->>>>>http://iheartbonics.blogspot.com/


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