October 4, 2009 bonics


I’m not going to pretend to you guys that I’ve been a hockey fan my whole life. I don’t dislike the sport but i was just more exposed to basketball growing up. I think Charles Barkley is the best athlete of all time!!! I did however love to play the EA Sports Hockey Games growing up. I think this is where most of my Hockey knowledge comes from. I still do not know what icing is. Good thing you can turn it off in video games. I also have been to a few games when i was in high school.

Living in PGH has definitely change my view on the sport. I appreciate what hockey means to PGH. Mario Lemuiex and friends in the early 90’s brought the Stanley Cup to PIttsburgh and last year i was able to experience a great playoff and Stanley Cup adventure. Watching Sid, Malkin, and Fluery is so exhilarating, especially in person.
I was lucky enough to attend some games including the Playoffs. I watched the Final in Vegas from my hotel bar and found myself glued to the TV while the others around me enjoyed being in Vegas more. The Penguins season just made it a great summer in PGH. (Not to mention the Steelers Super bowl win earlier this year) It’s great to see a city come to life for a sports team.

Whether or not you have an interest in the game, it’s hard not to feel electricity of the PEN’S. But the excitement being able to SEE THE STANLEY CUP… wow. I think it would be cool to see the Stanley Cup regardless of who the current bearers are. But being able to see and touch the Stanley Cup…
-after your city’s team win’s it last season
-on center ice of the Mellon Arena
-on the day of the season opener

Makes it a little sweeter.

Then Pen’s asked me last week to DJ outside of Gate 3 of the Mellon Arena to help kick off the season with host’s Mikey and Big Bob from the Kiss Morning Freak Show. Despite the weather the fan’s were out to watch the game on the Trib Total Media Big Screen..
The video below was this past friday. This is the first time i’ve every gotten this close to see The Stanley Cup. I understand that I am very lucky to have this experience. There’s people out there who are HOCKEY NUTS and will never get to meet the Stanley. People work their whole life to win this thing. Their life dedicated. The Penguins and their fans deserve this. I am humbled.

Thank you to the Pen Organization for the love…

Click Here For BONICS’ Stanley / Opening Night PICS
Click Here for FREAKSHOW Opening Night PICS

bonics stanley

bonics stanley

bonics stanley

Bonics w/ An American Idol In PGH – Elliott Yamin

October 4, 2009 bonics

bonics elliot resized

Last week I was kicking it with American Idol’s Season 5 Second Runner Up Elliott Yamin. I was just chilling at home on Tuesday when i got a random text from Elliot telling me that he was in town to do a show at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I think Elliott is one of the few idols who are really remembered for their performance and character on American Idol. He had a hit single after the show called “Wait For You” and more recently he’s been pushing his new single “Can’t Keep On Loving You.” Elliott’s new album is called “Fight For Love.” You can listen to the new album at http://www.ilike.com/artist/Elliott+Yamin

Eliiott Yamin has a very soulful voice. For real! I always thought that he had a Donny Hathaway sort of sound. Even Stevie Wonder has personally told him that he reminded him of Donny Hathaway. Here is a link of “A Song For You” this is a Donny cover http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GNqvp3DpLkY

I checked him out at the Hard Rock and it always surprises my how really soulful Elliott is. On top of it he’s just a cool cat. I was able to run a muck around town with him and people definitely were touched by his performances on IDOL. People were really geeked to meet Elliott. I met Elliott right after season 5 and years later he’s still a cool humble cat. I really appreciate when “stars” are down to earth mugs.

FIND MORE ABOUT ELLIOTT HERE AT http://www.officialelliottyamin.com/

The highlight of the week was checking out Pittsburgh’s New Rivers Casino


October 3, 2009 bonics

Run Down – Kymani Marley

Yo I’m sure you’re a fan of Bob Marley. If not, you should just kill yourself now. (no you shouldn’t kill yourself) I had a chance to interview one of Bob Marley’s children. Kymani Marley is the second youngest of Bob Marley’s children. He’s a musician who’s released 4 albums. His first album Like Father Like Son was made up of cover versions of his fathers songs. Check him out at http://www.myspace.com/kymanimarley

He is most well known tho for his role in Shottas. Where he plays a gangsta from the streets of Kingston along with Spragga Benz.

He is coming to Pittsburgh to Host an event at Homewood Colisiem to raise money for his organization Love Over All Foundation. LOAF has two main goals, to focus on educational development in lower socioeconomic communities and to advance the aid for sickle cell and diabetes research. http://www.loveoverall.org/index-1.html


Listen to the interview


October 1, 2009 bonics

bonics eyetique

Seriously ever since I seen the EYETIQUE ad campaign way back during my PITT days i ALWAYS wanted to be in one. I LOVE MY GLASSES. I once was offered free lasick and turned it down because of my fascination with glasses. I think that glasses are apart of me. My personality. My emo.

Last year I was approached by Eyetique and bam I am apart of the Eyetique celebrity add campaign!!! I am in good company as Eyetique likes to promote there glasses with some of PGH’s movers and shakers. The ad campaign is made up of athletes, musicians, movie and TV stars that all have some tie to Pittsburgh. Thank you to EYETIQUE for making me apart of such a wonderful thing…


bonics eyetique

bonics eyetique

bonics eyetique

bonics eyetique

bonics eyetique

bonics eyetique


September 29, 2009 bonics

Bonics Zen am tribute


Holy Crap!!!! I was pretty hesitant for this event. I thought it was great that we as a DJ community in PGH got together to pay homage to of course the late and great DJ AM. But i wasn’t sure how it would all come out logistically.

32 DJ’s in one night!!!! Some of the DJ’s were OG’s in the DJ game like Strobe ,EZ Lou, and Clevr. There were also local mainstays like DJ Nugget, T1, TJ the DJ, and ZImmie. And of course up and comers like J-Spin, DJ Flo, and Dj Kurve. Shout out to Kiss’ very own Mc Fly for tearing it up!

I didn’t do the math but it came down to 10 minute sets by each DJ. Besides from some setbacks (set timing , sound system, and the lack of microphone) the event went of pretty well. It felt good that all of us DJ’s could get together and listen , watch, and talk DJing. Not to mention drinking! 😉 On that night no DJ cared about request. No one really catered to the crowd. Instead we all played for each other. Some who felt they had more to prove then others. It was cool seeing who put time in their sets but also watching one’s who mixed on the fly and left it to pure skill. I applaud all the DJ’s tonight for making it a pretty dope night of mixing, scratching, and just pure musical fun.

I myself felt like i had everything to prove… to myself. I wanted to let everyone in that room understand why I love DJing. I wanted to show these young guys in 10 minutes or less a small piece of the time, effort, heart, and soul put in the DJ sh*t. I wanted to show the old guys that their are still people who respect the game. i wanted to show my peers that they can count on me to rep the BURGH. But most importantly I wanted to do it for DJ AM. For real. AM left his mark and opened up for someone maybe to take his spot. The point is not to fill it. But to challenge ourselves as DJ’s to use the same passion he had. Not necessarily to become a the next big thing but to use DJing to find our happiness then to others.

Knowing that I had the gig for several weeks i decided to use the the 30 minutes between leaving work and going to the club to make something up. So below is the video of my set. I am not necessarily happy 100% But i did the damage and I am proud of myself. I haven’t really done a battle/concept set ever in public (or private for that matter). I will probably rerecord this set but it’s only fair to show you the raw deal.

Thank you to Digital Dave and Zen for having a great event. Also a shout out to all the DJ”s who showed love. But especially AM for inspiring a nation of dj’s.

i just realized its one month to the day that AM died. On that day I was in Vegas with DJ NUGGET and we were suppose to see him. It never happened. But I like to think he saw me tonight.

Click Here for more pics of DJ AM TRIBUTE

Click Here for more pics of DJ AM TRIBUTE

Click Here for more pics of DJ AM TRIBUTE

Bonics Zen am tribute
The List!!

Bonics Zen am tribute
DJ Selecta and ME

Bonics Zen am tribute
DJ DIgital Dave

Bonics Zen am tribute
DJ Nugget

Bonics Zen am tribute
DJ Zimmie

Bonics Zen am tribute
Bonics Zen am tribute
B-Wood, Me , and DJ Kurve

Here is a tribute video for DJ AM

PGH Needs to know about Down and Derby

September 29, 2009 bonics

Bonics Down and Derby1

Yessirrr! Again what a great weekend! And another great DOWN and DERBY!!!
What is that you may ask? Well a rolling skating party that happens monthly not just here in PGH but in NY, Las Vegas, and LA. And believe it or not it started right here in Downtown PGH. (I got to play at that event a few years back.)

Let me repeat what i said. A ROLLING SKATING PARTY!!! If you haven’t been i suggest you go and support a truly unique event. WHY? YOU MAY ASK!

  • When’s the last time you been at a roller skating party?
  • There’s over 200 pairs of roller skate’s for for all shapes and sizes!
  • People come decked out in costumes.
  • This place will let you know that there are cooler people than you!
  • Showering is optional and so are wigs.
  • There’s a Limbo contest.
  • The DJ’s are always ON POINT with music from Roller disco treats to some straight ****** HIP HOP.
  • It’s okay to fall
  • There’s always cuties there.
  • AND it;’s a roller skating party!

The highlight’s for saturdays DOWN and DERBY are!

  • The Stanley Cup made an appearance (It might have been the same “protestors” on TV!”
  • Definitely a group of movers and shakers from around the city were in the building including – The Common Wealth Family, Knockturnal PR, Hood Gang, Steve from Decade in the SS, Jordan Beckham, and DJ Keebs to name a few.
  • Dj Royale from Philadelphia was the Guest DJ of the month – (Highlight song – Roy Orbinson’s Pretty Woman)
  • A hot girl won the LIMBO contest.
  • It was Open till three.
  • There were button makers there and for only 2 dollars you could get any button made! ( I made a Bonics button which later got jacked by a cute girl.)
  • I got to play a special D&D set

There is no D&D for the month of October. They instead are doing a party on Halloween Ft. Music by Dead People.

I’m really proud of this event seeing it grow from an experiment in an abandoned high rise a few years back to a full functioning party like no other. Despite the costumes, flamboyance and flair that the back room of Belvedere’s in Lawrenceville holds during D&D, I don’t think that this party really goes out on a limb to become the spectacle that is. It’s just a party where people can be comfortable to express themselves however they want. No to mention on roller skates and always incredible DJ’s on the decks. There’s no pressure to skate and or to be in costume nor will you judge anyone that does. I would suggest that each and every one of you get a chance to go check out a D&D. Be a part of something legendary.

FOR MORE INFO ON D&D check out www.downandderby.org

TO SEE MORE PICS check www.myspace.com/down and derby

Here is Vince Masi one of the creators of Down and Derby talking about the event

Bonics Down and Derby1

Bonics Down and Derby1

Bonics Down and Derby1

Bonics Down and Derby1

Bonics Down and Derby1

Days After G-20

September 28, 2009 bonics


What a a weekend gang. Post G-20 and it feels like the town is back together. No for real. I wasn’t sure what kind of mood the the city would be. I remember why I love this city after going out this weekend. It’s the people.

I Dj’d at S-Bar in the South side not really knowing what to expect. Truthfully I thought it would be a mediocre night in PGH and people maybe still hesitant to go out due to either Protesters or the fact that were 1 Billion Law enforcement members in the city. But i was wrong. What started to seem as a slow start turned into a packed house at the S-Bar.

I then realized that Friday was a giant exhale from city as a result of the past 2 awkward days. I think that is best way to describe the G-20, AN AWKWARD MOMENT for the city. Friday people were drinking, dancing, and were relieved that it was all over. I don’t think many people even talked about it at the bar. Bottom line people were out and having a rubbing loving good time. Ya dig! Even the streets outside were packed with people with no sign of G-20 solace.
i do however understand that not everyone was happy on Friday. There were people counting their loses from protesters and lack of business from G-20. But some people even endured loses from Steeler Superbowl and Pen’s Stanley Cup celebration.

I have to mention that S-Bar was ridiculous on friday. In attendance that night. Steelers, WIllie Parker, Hines Ward, and Deshea Townsend. Also Scottro, Tall Cathy, and Allison Morris (KDKA). Funny in my own awkward moment I asked Allison what she thought about the G-20 and she stated that she wasn’t a huge fan. (It was an awkward moment cause i was asking her what she thought about G-20 amongst this huge party atmosphere).

Thanks to the city for just being you…. AWWWW… I love the city and especially the people. There isn’t anything like it…
We deserve the spotlight that we got. Even though it was not necessarily the spotlight that some of us wanted. But just seeing PGH on the national TV I was proud. I couldn’t help but think that some people around the world spoke the word PITTSBURGH out loud for the first time. And we are that word. Word.

Here’s what EILEEN FROM BLAWNOX thinks about G-20


G-20 In The Burgh!!!

September 25, 2009 bonics


The G-20 has finally hit the BURGH and what do you think? Man, when first announced I was excited that this little city would get some shine around the world. Before I really looked into it, i envisioned it would be this cultural phenomenon like an influx of people from around the world would discover how beautiful this town is. As the days got closer, I learned about the protests that have happened with events like this in other cities and its effects. I did not know what to expect. And then huge amounts of law enforcement arrived. I saw Apache helicopters in the sky, National Security Vans, crazy FBI tank car vehicles, and even Palm Beach County Sheriff’s vehicles taking over the city.

Their were 2 things going on. The Protests and the actual G-20 event. And both were going on just miles and minutes from me at anytime. After talking to people about the G20 and listening and watching news and dialogue I myself am torn about how I feel about G-20. Yes the world was watching. But it has seemed to me they were watching a lonely beautiful city. I would have loved to see shots of the city on the news of more than 4000 people enjoying a baseball game. I would have loved to see more people out on their boats enjoying the rivers rather than filled with the National Guard and Police Boats. I would love for them to take a shot of the city downtown with people waking around than cops upon cops. It even made me upset that these protesters broke the windows of my beloved Pamela’s Restaurant in Oakland. Pamela’s??? For real…

It was an was an eerie feeling last night DJing in Station Sq for a half filled club while just minutes and miles away the police were using riot gas on the campus of the University of Pitt. Some of these protestors college kids. I wonder where I would have been if I was still in school at PITT.

I’m still torn on how feel about G-20 I guess you can’t win them all though. You can’t make everyone happy and of course there”s always 2 sides of every story. I’m am sure PGH will get back to normal in a couple days. Hard working people will be back to work on monday and we will be toasting beers while cheering our STEELERS on sun!

My boy DJ Zimmie sent me this video showing the amount of officers being unloaded in the Oakland Area.

This is a video I took of OBAMA rolling down the Parkway West with his Entourage from the Kiss Studios.

This is a video of a girl throwing her bike at the cops and the cops beating her down.

I got Brick an Local Business owner in Shadyside to comment on what he thought about G-20

My boy Evan was shooting photos in the Lawrencville and in Bloomfield and he told me what he thought about his experience. You can view some of his photos atwww.triblive.com.

Even Jon Delano from KDKA got love from Obama when he called upon him to answer a question

Jason Derulo @ Baroom PGH

August 7, 2009 bonics

Meeting new artist is such a unique experience. Seeing these artist from from then on after and how they grow weather good or bad is just as interesting. Meet Jason Derulo an artist from Miami, FL. I think that this dood is on his way to have a hit single. The single is called “Whatcha Say” and it sample artist Imogen Heap. Not Bad. Jason did small performance at Baroom PGH before and during a CLub Kiss Broadcast. Artist Fact: Bonics is the first person to play “Watcha Say” on the radio.

Click Here to see pics

Click Here to see pics

Click Here to see pics

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