March 29, 2009 bonics

Alright well I apologize for the tardiness… I had a pretty busy past couple days. So hopefully I can keep us up to date with all the fun stuff I get to do… This is the point right? To at least share this with you and if not i can at least look back and everything and appreciate what i’ve done.

For those of you who don’t know what a remote is its when a company hires a radio station to help promote their business. I’ve been endorsing cellular phones for Cricket Communications for a few years now. THANK YOU TO CRICKET FOR MAKING THE FEW YEARS GREAT. Well on this particular remote I got to hang out at the Cricket Store in Monroeville, Pa. We were promoting the new 29.99 CRICKET EZ phone. The thing I like best about these remotes is that really get to meet some of the listeners of our radio station. Being coup up in the studios all the time, I sometimes i forget the amount of people that are listening. So being able to interact our listeners is the best. That’s what I love most about this job. This is why I do this. To leave an impression on the world, it starts at one person at a time!!!

-Here’s a few pics from the remote-

SHINEDOWN @ Mr. Smalls 03/25/09

March 25, 2009 bonics

Well Well… The event the made me think of “blogging” everyday experiences of myself was sparked at a rock show… I like all types of music so at first when I was invited to SHINEDOWN I’ll be honest I wasn’t super excited. But after getting their and kicking it with the band. I realized how other people would flip out at the opportunity and so I’m home now writing about it. Not much to be said I was definitely out of my element and maybe not too big into to new metal/hard rock. But chatting on the tour bus with the lead singer Brent Smith was a very humbling experience. This guy plays for thousands of people all over the world and I do my thing in PGH and there we were two different world crossing paths. I didn’t need to know anything about him and vise versa to understand that these are the moment in life that are unexpected. It’s great that 2 people on their journey to make their mark in the world could come together for a simple moment like tonight . Thanks Brent…

First Post…

March 25, 2009 bonics

Well so we all have social networks: Facebook, MySpace, Friendster, Blah Blah Blah… But nothing ever really feels like it’s your own… So then I added a Blogspot to this mess and have sat on it for a few months now… So today I decided that i should just simply jot down a few words and post a pic of everything I do. It may be something simple like a gas station remote for the radio station or maybe a big time concert. I think I just let thing pass me by but don’t realize that even in on it’s simpliest level I should walk away from every experience with something. So i guess this is my attempt to record any little interesting thing i’ve been apart of…. Good Luck Bonics!!!!

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