SHINEDOWN @ Mr. Smalls 03/25/09

March 25, 2009 bonics

Well Well… The event the made me think of “blogging” everyday experiences of myself was sparked at a rock show… I like all types of music so at first when I was invited to SHINEDOWN I’ll be honest I wasn’t super excited. But after getting their and kicking it with the band. I realized how other people would flip out at the opportunity and so I’m home now writing about it. Not much to be said I was definitely out of my element and maybe not too big into to new metal/hard rock. But chatting on the tour bus with the lead singer Brent Smith was a very humbling experience. This guy plays for thousands of people all over the world and I do my thing in PGH and there we were two different world crossing paths. I didn’t need to know anything about him and vise versa to understand that these are the moment in life that are unexpected. It’s great that 2 people on their journey to make their mark in the world could come together for a simple moment like tonight . Thanks Brent…

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